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Once again on a Friday night Gail sat alone on her sofa in front of the box. With a box of her favourite chocolate, a bottle of wine and her favourite movies.
Her mind couldn’t help wondering to the man she encountered at the supermarket that day, how damn sexy he was he muscles rippling his shirt, the cute smile he flashed the woman standing behind her feeling for a ripe dew melon.
What was wrong with her she thought, she was not sexy enough, did she have advocado stuck in her teeth from her sandwich at lunch what was it?
She fobbed it off and got into her movie.
One in a half hours later the movie ended and she was still wide awake she switched the television back to SKY and started flicking through the channels from BBC to the movie channels as per usual there was fuck all on it.
She began to skim through the X-Rated channels stopped on what she saw a man that looked just like the guy she saw in the super market today.
She went off into her own world visioning the guy on the screen embracing the woman in a passionate kiss was actually her in his arms, with the wind blowing her hair and his hand up her dress feeling her up in the field of tulips.
dressed in nothing but her knickers and t-shirt Gail’s hand started wondering down touching the outside of her knickers, she pushed them to the side inserting her two digits inside herself, her wetness coating her two fingers to the knuckle, she felt the roof of her pussy a sensation she has always adored she gazed at the man on the screen tapping her G- Spot she brought her juices forward coating her walls drawing her fingers out she tastes herself placing them back inside her warmth she played tapped her g-spot her eyes rolled back into her head splitting her thighs wider she pushed deeper drawing your juices forward stroking the inside of her clit her pussy began to swell.
She laid back on the sofa one leg stretched across the top of the sofa the other leg dangling on the floor she bagn to rub her breasts riding her own rthym, beat and harmony she pinched, tweaked and pulled her firm nipples ready for the sucking they deserved, her mind wondered back to the man on the screen she turned her head to watch him thrusting himself inside the woman in the arse up face down position howling and moaning Gail couldn’t help but mimck her she watched this woman get a proper pasting, but the feeling was to damn good Gail continued to stroke her pussy with precise routine her swelled so fat her cum began to tickle down her fingers, down her hand dripping from her knuckles to the sofa she stayed faithful to her routine s
and stroked her pussy g-spot, walls, clit and lips her flow expelled from her body it ran down her leg to the floor running over her sofa she thanked the lord her sofa wasn’t fabric she let it out silencing her orgasmic moans, she imagined he who she show at the super market was laid up between her thighs licking up her goodness, she tasted herself sucking on her slender fingers she lapped up her sweetness

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My Babies

Published April 30, 2011 by sistalove

My children are so beautiful
Nothing comes close to the love I have for my babies
They say nothing compares to a mothers love
Well nothing comes close to my love of my babies
They drive me mad at times
They fight
Tell Tales
Break everything
Eat out the shopping before it even hit the fridge
They cost me money when they put holes in new shoes
Cost me time when they tell me
”Mummy I wanna go poopoo now”
Just as we are about to leave the house
But I couldn’t imagine life without them
Even through the restless nights and mornings
I wouldn’t, couldn’t have it any other way
They are the reason why my bed is warm at night
They are the reason I eat good food
They are the reason I climb out of bed everyday
On a gloomy day, they provide the sunshine
On a hot day, they are the cool breeze against my cheeks
But nothing shines brighter than them
When you have the love I experience everyday
It’s unconditional
If you do experience this love everyday
the words I have written makes sense
Even when they are naughty
You will know what I mean when I say
You fall to pieces
How could I be so angry with you
Angels with dirty faces
that’s what they are
They each have qualities that shine brighter than stars
They are the reason the earth spins
Without my babies life would be pointless
and they will forever with age be

Can I play with you?

Published April 30, 2011 by sistalove

Tired of playing with my own

Pussy and Tits

Can I play with yours?

Don’t wanna stick my fingers into my hole

I wanna feel yours

I don’t wanna play wid my own tits anymore

I wanna play, bouunce and suck on yours

Flick my tongue on your nipples

I wanna catch you in the bath

And play with your pussy and tits

Tell me Miss Thang, can I suck on your clit

Stick my tongue in your bit

Savour your flavours

Cause I’m tired of tasting my own favours

I wanna see you cum, wriggle and moan

Cause I obviously can’t do that to my own

But first can I start with playing your pussy and tits?

Stuck In Traffic

Published April 27, 2011 by sistalove

Sitting in the traffic, windows open, the heat is over bearing and all I can feel throbbing in my knickers is my big fat Nana pulsating like a heartbeat.
I can feel my wetness filling up my hole my big fat clit brushing my knickers every time I breathe out.
I wonder to myself is it fat enough for a fuck or is it just worth a quickie with a five minute buzz.
Who gives a fuck I need to release now, no way I could wait in this traffic to get home.
Looking down the highway its jammed we ain’t going any place soon, so I cock up my leg on the window foot resting on the side view mirror, pulling my knickers to the side, dress at my waist.
The woman in the car across from mine witnesses my blatant act, flaring her nostrils she turns her head.
The man on the other side of me tries to peek out the corner of his eye curious as to why I would be cocking up my leg on the window.
I just rub my clit eventually sliding my two digits in to my slippery hole I finger the roof of my pussy to my favourite spot at the back drawing out my wetness to my clit.
It was so fat I thought it was gonna explode, instead my juices began trickling out onto the drivers seat. By now I’m fucking myself with my two digits when something blocked my sunlight, looking up a caramel skinned woman stands about 5’5 rounded hips and thighs and braids curling her arse stood carrying a bag on her shoulder, she said to me that she was in the car in front watching me for the past ten minutes and offered me her brand new vibrator to use , but only if she could watch me use it. I told her to knock herself out, she walked round to the passenger seat climbed in placed her bag on the floor dipped her hand in and pulled out a purple dildo, my eyes probably sparkled upon seeing the purple rubber, she handed it to me where I then placed it next to my clit and switched it on the buzz took my body damn thing made me jump, slowly easing it in she who sits in the passenger seat watching my facial expressions the juices seeping out of my Nana on to the seat she pulled out her Blackberry and began filming me playing with her vibrator.
By now the man in the next car had his upper torso hanging out the window his spectacles on top of his head also filming with his phone, the woman on the other side of the car couldn’t help but watch still disgusted but couldn’t take her eyes off the live porn.
I on the other hand I couldn’t give a fuck, except fucking myself of course.
Now I was plunging this thick dildo inside my wet hole.
Can I feel my pussy building? Yes I can
Do I feel like cumming? Yes I do
Letting my pussy curl the dildo I let out a loud moan cumming on the seat, squirting every where both she who sits in the passenger seat and he in the next car by now had their phones literally between my thighs trying to get the best shot of the fountain, she then took the vibrator out of my hand and placed it on her tongue running it up and down savouring my flavour, the man now pointing his phone at her horny act had his other hand between my thighs playing in my wetness slipping his fingers in and out of my wet hole up and down my clit I looked at his hand then turned my attention back to her, drawing her dress up I parted her thighs knelled on the seat I put my face in her coochie, arse up in the air I suppose my fat Nana is inviting to taste I felt the rude sensation of a tongue in my hole then finger then nothing, I don’t care imma continue to eat out this delicious cherry her leg is now resting on my dash board she is hollering my car damn near the highway.
But the way I hollered to the rude thrust of a something fat, long and stiff this man was behind me standing in the road with his dick penetrating my window and me.
He didn’t have no mercy for my pussy either he held on my hips and practically holding my arse out the window he rammed his hard cock inside my pussy,
she who sits in the passenger seat pulled my tits out began squeezing my nipples she dipped her fingers inside herself and fed me her delicious cherry I sucked her fingers like a pop sickle leaning her back on the door and spread her legs inviting me into her wet hole I have to indulge.
sticking my tongue inside her I fuck her with it using my fingers to bring her flavours out, I moan on her clit to the strong thrusts this man is ramming inside me I keep moaning, she places her fingers in my hair she holds my face grinding her pussy on it, on my tongue she begins to vibrate her body on my face her head hanging out the window she screams down the highway him behind me still pounding my swollen pussy letting him stretch my opening I cum on his dick again hollering vibrations into she who sits in the passenger seat she has become limp and breathing heavy.
I feel him holding my hips pumping his cum into the wrap.
On all fours in my mini we have an audience of of twenty around the car clapping and some staring in disgust mixed reviews but who cares its one way of passing time stuck in traffic on the highway…

My Name Is Woman

Published March 30, 2011 by sistalove

When I look in the mirror I see a beautiful gift from God,
not a child’s toy to be messed with
or played
or used.
But to be treasured like Granma’s scent,
hugged like Jamaica’s find
cared for like the curls on my head,
loved like a fat kid loves cake
remembered like the last taste of food,
missed like tomorrow’s sunshine,
kissed to make my feet point and kick.
Desired for the beauty I am.
I come in all different shades of black
dark chocolate brown,
red skinned,
light brown
love me for who I am.
I may wear a weave
I may fashion my own ‘fro
Or touched with Salassie’s locks
I may wear the latest trends
You might catch me in my mothers house coat
You may find I blush false cheeks and eyelashes
Or that I lost my way to the max factor counter
Just because I don’t suit your taste
Honey love me for the woman I am

The world has past through my womb,
my name is teacher
but woman will do me just fine.
Only a real man is needed by my side
A provider
A man in touch with his roots
If he isn’t any of those things,
he needs to keep walking
cause I need a real man by my side
I’m sorry if that sounds harsh,
but I’m tired of feeling pain feeling like I’m not worth while when I have more value of diamonds and gold
I have the right to feel pleasure
The right to feel the sunshine on my face
Never to feel out of place
And good enough to chase
Cause my name is woman

Beasts part 2

Published March 30, 2011 by sistalove

The girl lay motionless on the bed, in shock and horror as to what was happening .

The tears rolled down her dirty cheeks, she thought about her love who had not but a few hours earlier had picked her up and took her to the senior prom dance.

She thought about how he disappeared half way through the dance when they took a walk into the woods.

She could still feel his kisses on her lips, but the stains of his fingers inside her where he was playing with her was gone and replaced with the stench of a big dirty fucking dog..

She put two and two together, he behaved so oddly when she made reference to the moon how big and beautiful it looked . He just screamed and ran off in to the darkness of the woods..

That was when she was frightened by a weird noise and the creaking of the woods and vines from the trees. From no where a branch slapped her full force across the face, another from up above slapped her on the other cheek she tried to run but the vines tripped her the branches gripping her ankles it tore her beautiful dress her mother took so long to stitch.

She tried to call for help but she was to far from the school for anyone to hear her.

She managed to free herself and ran in to the darkness of the forest in search of David ..

She was startled out of her thoughts by a female voice out the darkest corner of her room

‘’don’t cry, he likes it when he hears you suffering’’

‘’who’s that?’’

‘’my name is Emily, what’s yours?’’

‘’Matilda my name is Matilda’’

Emily stepped out of the black of the room, into the moonlight shining through the window.

She was tall slender her dress also torn, long brown hair, pale skin covered in blood as did her floral dress.

‘’how did you get here?’’ Matilda asked

‘’ I was on a date, when HE showed up snatched my boyfriends head like the animal he is….he then grabbed me shoved his dick in my throat and came, he made me drink his cum it took him 5 minutes, he filled my belly to my chest’’

Matilda winced as she moved to sit on the edge of the bed

‘’I heard what happened downstairs are you ok?’’

‘’Just hurting a little but I will be fine, just want to know what happened to my mother and father’’

‘’I saw the whole thing, he snuck up on your mother snatching her heart and devoured it as she sat dying, he then spoke in a strange language and convinced your father to chop of your beloved pet’s head’’

Matilda sobbed into her hands, ‘’why her?’’ is all she called think. She winced again when she moved

‘’ you look like your pain’’ Emily said
‘’here let me clean you up’’

She knelt in front of Matilda parting her knees, pushed her back on to the bed she put her face right next to her pussy inspected her pink opening. She then began to lick her

‘’what are you doing’’ Matilda said startled sitting up

‘’well how else did you think I was gonna clean u, were in your bedroom for Christ sake, it’s ok I will make it feel better’’ Emily reassured her

Pushing her back on to the bed again she parted Matilda’s thighs and stuck her tongue right inside her hole, swishing it around making sure she dribbled enough to give it the good washing it needed.

She made sure she licked long strokes from the bottom to the top, top to the bottom, sucked her clit licked up and down the cervices..

Matilda moaned not realising she was biting her fist, her red cheeks glowing through embarrassment that she was yet again being forced to cum. Grinding her pink cunt on Emily‘s face, grinding harder she came on the girl’s face splashing the rest of the dog’s cum mixed with hers on Emily’s face.

Emily drank it all up, licked her up and down from her arsehole to her button, she mopped.

Sitting up she wiped her mouth, licking the rest of the juice from her lips.

‘’that was delicious’’ she said ’’ I hope your pussy feels better…….. Cause it’s gonna be fucked again real soon HA HA HA HA’’ Emily cackled

Matilda sat up disturbed by that last statement, to only see the woman she had trusted between her legs a moment ago was glowing a set of red pupils and a mane of hair that had turned grey and was standing on ends, her face all twisted..

Matilda bounced to the other side of the bed, curled her feet under her in a ball terrified at this creature that was standing up in front of her literally hovering

‘’you dum bitch! I was the one who cast the spell on your father, don’t you know werewolves can’t cast spells you stupid broad!’’ the creature screeched at her

‘’I came to your house disguised as an old woman your mother was so gracious to let me in and offer me some of her delicious soup, but I thought it needed more flavouring so I told her my two secret ingredients she wasn’t to impressed with your beloved pets head and her heart when I snatched it from her chest HA HA HA HA… I needed a nice young soul like yourself to satisfy my sweet tooth so now you can be my confectionary slave’’ the creature cackled again

And at that the dreadful weed creeped up through the window hauling Matilda up on the wall spreading her legs apart the creature flew right up to her face so close she could smell all the foul things from her tongue.

‘’ please let me go!’’ Matilda whispered

‘’HA HA HA, why should I this delicious pussy belongs to me now’’ the creature responded sticking her fingers inside her, she brought her hand up showing Matilda her juices she licked it ’’mmmm sweet’’


Me And My Vibrator

Published March 24, 2011 by sistalove

I lay on my bed
Watching the Sony television
Sitting on my pine chester drawers
I look at the top draw
Left hand corner
My X-Ray vision
Sees your beautiful black velvet case
Diamond studded
My clit swells
To the memory
Of the last time
You shook life into it
I perch on the corner of my bed
Open the draw
I take your beautiful black velvet case
diamond studded
I run my fingers
Up the zip
Gently unzip
Your glory
You shine like, gold in a treasure chest
I take you out of your clothes
Run my thumb over your buttons
My clit throbbing to memory of you
Of your beautiful humming
I fall back into my soft pillow
My pussy wet, fat and throbbing
I raise my nightie to my waist
Ease you in
Gently stir you
My pussy welcomes you
Like an old friend
Gliding into my abyss

1.your gentle humming awakening my need
to want you more
I wiggle my clit in my favourite spot

2.now the heat is on
grinding my blackness on your onyx starlight
my pussy starts to pulsate

3.you give me all you got
my hips seize
you paralyse me
stuck in my stance
‘shit this feels good’
I struggle to hold
my ryhthym

I release you from my realm
you glisten
I let you fall the sheets
I lett the pumpum
wind down
feeling the after throbs and probes
the buzz all around my hole
I catch my breath
picking you up
still glistening
You appeal to me
I run my tongue Up your side
My taste
My flavour

Shall I?

Here we go again…

Drunken Sex

Published March 24, 2011 by sistalove

We in the club
Me watching you
You watching me
You walk over to me
Sex appeal
Swagger the deal
Bottle in one hand
Glasses for two in the other
You pour me a drink and three
We move to the dance floor
Dry sex on the mind
We tease
We play
But nothing funny is happening tonight
The lights flicker your buff face

White your face
Blue the right place
Red my booty
Yellow my coochie

Your hand wonders to my front
You offer me your blunt
Whisper in my ear
‘I wanna take me home’
I kiss you on your lips
The taste of brandy and weed
Lace my tongue
The lights flicker still

White our lips intertwined
Blue my hand on your place
Red your hand on my booty
Yellow your dick hard near my coochie

We stumble in the taxi
Our heat on maxi
First base stick your tongue in my face
Second touch the right place
Feeling your chest, it feels better than the rest
Tugging at your belt
I’m ready to melt
Satisfied with your chocolate piece
I tell you to come on over to my place
The key barley in the keyhole
But your fingers already in mine

Coats on the floor
I’m begging for more
My blouse you tore
I’m begging for more
My bra is on the floor
I’m begging for more
My knickers no more
I’m begging for more

I snap your belt
Snatching the condom from your pocket
I rip it open with my teeth and fingers
I roll the strawberry flavour
On your chocolate favour
Strawberry flavoured chocolate
Dripping down my breast
Oh me oh my what a mess
I bring you to the point of (phew let me fan myself)
Then drop your thick dick

You raise me up on the wall
Ramming your Strawberry flavour chocolate
Face smashed against the family photo
The smell of brandy, weed, Strawberry, perfume, cologne, pussy and dick juice
Filling the air
You grunt
I scratch shout and curse
You take my juices from my pussy
And push it in my mouth
I lick, suck, taste my goodness off your fingers
I clap my arse on your dick
Right place, Right time
I clap faster
Standing ovation
I clap harder
Letting you ram your thick cock up my pussy
I shout
Your grunts and raspey vocals
Tell me all I need to know
My pussy brought to life
Like a volt of electricity is passed through my body
You moan
Sweat pouring from your forehead to my arse
Pumping your good stuff
Into the wrap
I melt to the floor
My pussy fucked galore


Published March 21, 2011 by sistalove

Running through the darkness of the forest

Her soles bleed, the gash to her forehead pouring blood to run down the sides of her nose

She begs for some to help her

‘’ please help me somebody help me please’’

The creeping of the woods answering her, she hears the monster from the fog

Nearing her she keeps running, spotting a log over a ditch she seeks refuge underneath it

She dare not breath, she hears the creeping of the vines over her head

It slowly creeps past her, she takes her chance to run, run to the sanctuary of her home

She sees a tree to hide behind to plan her next move, the moon light her only torch lighting up her escape

She runs toward the light of her kitchen window

Her doll dress in tatters mud and twigs stuck to her face she starts to feel safe

Slowing her pace she sees her mother sitting by the candle light waiting for her daughter to come home

Crossing the planes half limp half run she calls to her mother

Her pale skin cold from sweat her long tresses no longer in the curls her mother pressed for her the cousage no longer, only the band remains

‘’MOTHER!’’ she calls she is takes in a deep breath her lungs burn from running ‘’MOTHER’’ she calls again

Her mother doesn’t hear her she just sits by the candle light

The petrified girl makes it to her front gate running to her front door

She bangs furiously on the wooden door she looks through the window her mother doesn’t move


She runs round the back of the house, opens the huge doors to the basemen of the house, she climbs down shutting the hatch locking it

She stands in the darkness the moonlight shining through the cracks

Panting its so cold, she creeps up the creaking stairs into the kitchen


Her mother doesn’t move, just sit there still as calm waters


The girl places her hand on her mothers shoulder and turns her round


A look of fright crosses her face to find her mother eyes wide open mouth wide rigamortis set in on her face the look of fright embedded on her face

‘’AHHHHHHHHHHH’’ she screams at the top of her lungs to the sight of her mothers heart missing from the cavity it sits

The girl backs away hitting the cooker its on, the bioling pot burns her

She looks in it, her dogs head sits staring at her she screams again she runs out the kitchen tripping over the body of her rotweiller
father standing before her motionless

‘’father whats wrong with you? Whats going on father? She quizzed

Confusion had set in as to what was happening

She then clocked an axe in his hand blood drippiing from it , she stares into his eyes they are cold and grey

She slowly rises to her feet, her father just standing there staring at her

She turns toward the stairs, looking up she sees a shape a figure of a man but not quite one

The shape odd looking whatever it is he steps into the flicking candle light on the side table horror crosses her face to when she realise its not a man but a dog a wolf like creature

He walks toward her she backs away stepping back into her beloved decapitated pet

The vines that chased her across the planes, creeping around her feet gripping them forcing to fall once again into the pool of blood

The wolf man is now standing over her panting, fur standing on ends his teeth dripping with blood his
she looks up his dick is hard..

He grips her hair crouching down in front of her, he looks her deep into her eyes claws cutting her flesh like daggers

There is something so familiar about this thing this WOLFMAN

‘’David is that you, my love is it really you what happened to you?

Why are you doing this ?’’

He didn’t answer just pushed her face onto his hard dick

Ramming her mouth onto it, she tried to scream but couldn’t

Filling her mouth, he fucked her face her hair wrapped around his long padded fingers her furiously bashed her face against his hard cock

Saliva choking her he was now gripping both side of her head pushing his cock so far down her throat his big nuts bashed her chin

The vines around her ankles separated her legs creeping up her thighs creeping up her pussy a flower the shape of a penis fucked her it went as far as it could inside her and opened

The girl tried to scream , but couldn’t the beast still fucking her face

He then removed his dick from her mouth climbing over her

at the same time the vines leaving her body her cum dripping to the floor

her pussy is soaked for a good soaking

‘’david why are you doing this to me?’’

the wet vine eased itself into her tight hole making her gasp

The beast knelt behind her penetrating her she screamed out

‘’AWWWWW’’ she hollered

The vines saw the opportunity to silence her

Stuffing her mouth fucking her face

This furious beast fucking her so hard he literally moves her whole body

”I don’t want to make love to you like this she pleaded

”this isn’t called making love bitch! this is called A GOOD FUCK, NOW TAKE THIS DICK!” the wolfman grunted

the vines continued to silence her, the only sound she could make was glugging

He raises up her hips fucking her the vines still stuffing her face she cums spraying water all over this beast ..

The wolfman keeps to his pace, her pussy turning raw it stretches her whole lining. She can feel his veins the heart shape of the head back and fourth…

he speeds up at 70mph he fucks her dragging her body into him, he shots cum inside her washing her stomach with it, it back fires out her pussy.

He withdraws letting his cum pour to the floor, he picks her up takes her up stairs to her room where throws her on the bed

”dont even think about leaving this room” he grunted slamming the door behind him